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11-04-2003, 05:45 PM
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After 60 Minutes

Well, after 60 minutes...and a nice win to start the road trip...

First off, I really like what the Oilers did with the PPV, but they need some better coordination on the cameras, and preferrably a new color guy. Why don't they just use the Rod and Morley feed or something!!!

The Good:
Tommy Salo - Kept us in this game at all the critical times. Probably his best game of the year, when you factor in the timing of the big saves he did make.

Mike York - All this guy cost us was Tom Poti? What a player.

Jason Smith - Great communicator on the backline all night. The PPV has better audio, and you can hear some of the shouts and stuff from the ice surface. All night long he was a general back there...good captain night. Absolutely DESTROYED Zednik near the end of the hit of the year.

Craig MacTavish - Nice job finding the Torres-York-Dvo line some solid time together, those guys have some great chemistry. Liked the 4th line, liked that he went back to the RPM line and put them out every time the team needed to be calmed down. Good job getting the team prepared for this one.

The Bad:
Not much, other than some tough battles in our zone, where we missed a few chances to get it out.

Also, it would have been nice if the Oilers played a little more physical - but I think they were concerned with playing smart, not running around trying to break people.

The Ugly:
Shawn Horcoff - Here's where I eat crow. I was going on at the beginning of the season about how Horc should get a shot between Smyth and Hemmer. Well. He did. Man...that line did nothing all night because of his ineptitude. Wet blanket, anchor, etc...all fitting. Time for a seat Shawn...where did last seasons Horcoff go

Great game to watch.

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