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Okay, so I play in our lowest level adult league where we all suck to varying degrees of ineptitude. And I feel like, in general, I have a very good grasp of where I'm supposed to be postionally, though doing what I'm supposed to once there is sketchy at best.

But as we all suck, there is a lot of firewagon hockey going on, and I feel like I end up covering blank space in our defensive zone. One of two scenarios is common, and I'd like advice on both.

In the first, all five opposing players are in my team's zone, but there is only one point man back because the other D is pinching way down and no one has rotated back to replace him. This is very, very common, and when it happens, there are almost always two forwards up high covering the one point man. I know that can't be right, since the whole general hockey defense is a matchup zone concept (always a body on a body with responsibility to an area if someone is over there). How far can I drop into the zone in that case, knowing I have to keep an eye on the point in case someone wises up and rotates back?

The second scenario is the opposite - there are four opposing players in my team's zone and one opposing D essentially playing safety at the center red line. I am not a breakaway threat, so I feel stupid circling around neutral looking for a long breakout, but I also feel like I'm basically covering space and not helping out if I hang out in the open point, with the one upside that I'm available for a battle on that wall or a breakout pass.

Now, I assume this is basically a byproduct of really terrible tactics in rec league. But any advice on the best way to play them?

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