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12-22-2011, 04:03 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterD View Post
Seriously, say what you want, he might have whined a lot, he might have "been a cancer in the locker room", he might have been the reason Souray (and Ribeiro?) had to go... he's the only (talented) guy in the last 20 years who I REALLY felt would leave it all on the ice for the Habs, he would have died on the ice to win... Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri, Markov, Plekanec... of course they all have/had qualities, but they just don't care as much... Koivu was facing cameras day in and day out, even when playing with Brian "October" Savage and Martin Rucinsky as our 1st line, with Yannick Perreault as 2nd line C and Joe "6 goals/year" as 3rd liner...

I loved Koivu. No, he does not deserve his jersey to be retired. But he should have retired here. I want him back.
the comments about Koivu playing with Savage and co fits pretty much the name in bold, there isnt a winger Plekanec didnt play with, that includes guys like Moen and Darche... and I have yet to see/hear him complain about anything...

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