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12-22-2011, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by SensHero View Post
You can add as many UFA's to that list as you like, but why would they trade him for another UFA, it makes zero sense. I'm sure that Butlers 2G and 4A can easily replace Penners 2G and 5A, at a quarter of the salary. Not that I want Penner on the Sens at all, but lets be realistic, there wouldn't be a whole lot to "replace" as you put it, if they trade him. He has been terrible this year.
5 pts in 7 games since his injury, he'll end up with around 40 pts... or play at a 40 pt pace. He's still their 7th highest scoring fwd despite missing over 10 games. Butler is our 11th highest scoring fwd and will soon likely be 12th. That is much more telling than comparing points. Butler in no way, shape or form replace Penner, and if he did we wouldn't trade him for Penner.
The reason they might trade him for another UFA is because while he clearly hasn't fit into their team, one of the other UFAs might. Also, they will not be sellers. They will be buyers, if anything, and getting rid of Penner for assets that won't help this year doesnt make much sense... unless they totally crash and burn out of the playoff picture. Penner has almost 2x more points than the 8th highest scoring LA fwd, so yes... it actually is something they would need to replace. He might not be what they expected or what they hoped for, but he's still a reasonably important player for them- and as a potential Stanley Cup contender, they would be foolish to trade him merely so they can save 500K and get an okay draft pick.

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