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12-22-2011, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
This team is lifeless...they have no fire they have no passion they have no will to play. This team no longer represent the passionate crazy rowdy fans it has.

Teams of the past always had the same life on and off the ice that their fans had but now, we've burned ourselves out cheering with nothing in return. We're tired and are starting to lose interest.

Usually in times like this, you turn to your leaders to light a fire under the teams ass, but unfortunately, our captain is as boring and even tempered as the man that runs this team PG. The GM lies to us to keep us happy about things (markov situation) and has the personality of a grass blade.

This organization has become such a bore, so lifeless. How can a team thats legendary across all sports allow itself to be the complete opposite of what it has been throughout its existence?
Disagree entirely. It's worse than that. First, you cannot have a top-notch penalty kill without good coaching, a team that wants to play for its coach and hard work. Simple as that.

It's too easy for fans and the media to say that effort is the issue. It's not. Effort is something fans know can be controlled because fans generally have no understanding of the talent of these guys. The difference between an NHL player and an AHL player is actually quite small because of the law of diminishing marginal returns -- but it is insurmountable.

The issues are scoring and depth. They have been for a while. It was obvious last night that the talent level is not there. The Blackhawks players do everything at top speed with their feet moving. Anyone who has done any scouting knows that one of the things that separates the players is the ability to do everything with one's feet moving. It's a level of difficulty above the norm. Too many times the Canadiens were playing from a standstill or without their feet moving. It's not always a conscious choice to stop taking strides or stop. It's an ability issue.

Depth has been an issue for a while, too. That should be immediately obvious any time T Moen suits up for a line that isn't the 4th one. Boston didn't win last year b/c of "grit" or "toughness." It was talent and depth. Their first 2 lines are just a touch better than ours. Their 3rd and 4th lines are a lot better than ours. Ideally you need about seven 20 goal scorers to win the Cup; five is a minimum. That's one of the measures coaches use, even in the "trap" or "left-wing lock" era. Boston had four last year, with one at 18 and the Wheeler/Peverley combo at 17, plus a d-man at 14, as well as an 18 yr old and two thugs in double digits. Our team last year was far and away the lowest scoring playoff team in the east.

That's not all on Martin and his system. If anything his system was in place b/c the talent dictated no other choice. The same thing happens in basketball and football. You can coach defense. Offense depends on talent.

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