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12-22-2011, 10:09 AM
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And comes the Burke apologist army to the rescue. You guys and Burke and Wilson are right, everyone else is an idiot. Clearly evidenced by the great success the Leafs have had over the era...oh wait...

I agree the number thing is out there, and meant to elicit a reaction from readers, but the crux of the argument is to instill confidence in the guy, be on his side and hope for him to succeed vs what has been happening in that they point out his failures, and put him down in the media.

Eyeball11 had a great point about Det and Phi bringing guys up, letting them prove themselves on the 3rd line, and then get a bump when theyre ready. So many times ive heard "what you want Kadri coming up here and playing on the 3rd line?? Thats so stupid!!" Why is it stupid, its not like there is a rule that you cant playmake and score on the 3rd line. You just do that while learning at the NHL level. Its clearly worked for Det and Philly, but yeah...i guess who would want to mirror them?

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