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12-22-2011, 12:11 PM
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Since there is a lot of speculation going on here as to what each of the those management persons might have been thinking before and during Cunneyworth's hiring, let me throw a different thought out to you.

Perhaps this is not as chaotic as it may seem after all. Perhaps all three knew exactly what they were doing before the decision came of an interim coach came down. Perhaps all the possible reactionary situations were actually discussed between Molson, Gauthier, and Cunneyworth. What if Cunneyworth accepted the position just for the rest of the season? Maybe that is why he never said he was going to take lessons because he knew and had accepted that he would not be head coach after the season was done. And just maybe, it was agreed upon that he would take the rest of the season to gain some experience so that he could move forward in his career as a head coach in the NHL. It is possible that Molson has been completely transperant with Gauthier regarding the management of the team and it may well be that he has been offered a position in the organization if things do not turn around. It may also be that his termination, at the end of the season, has been discussed as well. You may not agree with any of this, and that is fine, however, everything else I have read on here is also pure speculation on the part of fans.

One thing I do know is this....Geoff Molson is first a businessman. He has two great products that he wants to sell. I don't believe he wants either one to suffer. He is, by no means, a stupid man and most assuredly thought things through before the decisions came down. He has investors on his side who are there because they believe in his vision, rich investors who I am sure would not throw money at something they did not believe was worthwhile nor put money into the hands of someone they would view as incompetent. So, is there a plan? There probably is...and it may well be that this was simply one reaction they considered would happen if they executed their plan. Molson grew up with the Habs and knows full well how many feel about them as a tradition, institution, etc.

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