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12-22-2011, 12:20 PM
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I didn't see that, I did translate them anyway, so I might as well post them here:

The Return to Winnipeg

Hello everybody, it's been a while.

And late congratulations to Finland, happy Independence day! 94 years as a sovereign state. Thank you again to all of our war heroes. We're proud and grateful for everything we have.

Time has passed since my last blog entry, but nothing has really changed - except for the coaches. Loss after loss, night after night. Unbelievable, but true.

We have tried it all. Every game, something is at fault: from power play to penalty killing, the goalie, the superstars or the regular guys. And some nights, everything is failing us.

And so it went that the coaches had to go. They paid the price for it all. I'm frustrated about this at the moment, especially for the coaches. They tried everything they could, but to no avail. What I mean is, it's us - the players - who dug the hole we're in.

The GM tried his hardest to be patient but eventually, something had to be done, and I can't blame him for that. I'm very grateful for Randy Carlyle. The years with him have been the greatest of my career. Not only because we won the Stanley Cup, but also because he gave me a new chance as a player after a long and excruciating knee injury.

Randy believed, that I could still play at this level and compete at 35 years of age - after a major knee surgery. I don't know how many coaches would've taken that chance. The fact that he knew me well from years back certainly played a role, after all we played together in Winnipeg in the 90's.

Speaking of that, we're heading to Winnipeg next week. I marked it down in my calendar back in July, even though I didn't know if I'd be playing at the game. I don't really know what to expect. 15 years have passed since I played there. I have amazing memories from those times, and I'm happy that I started my career in the NHL in Winnipeg.

The people of Winnipeg made us players feel special. It's not without reason that the license plates in Winnipeg read "Friendly Manitoba". The people are genuinely friendly and caring, which is often the upside of a smaller city.

I was very happy to hear that Winnipeg was getting a NHL team once again. The city and the people truly deserve it. Think about it, they sold out season tickets for four years in 13 minutes! The only thing I don't miss about Winnipeg, and that I'll never forget, is how cold it was, and still is. During some months the mean temperature was -13 (F), ouch! I remember several times when I opened the door in the morning for the two rottwailers we had back then, Teddy and Domi, they didn't want to go out and looked at me like I was crazy. Sometimes schools and malls were closed because of freezing temperatures, but a hockey game was never cancelled. After every game and practice hundreds of fans were waiting too see a glimpse of their heroes, no matter what the weather was.

I have to tell a story about one of these extreme fans. After one day's practice we went out for lunch with a few teammates to a local restaurant. After we were don't the waiter came to me and said that there are two girls sitting in the corner who asked, if they could have the bones left behind from my plate of chicken wings. I looked at her baffled for a moment and said, Okay! When the girls left, they came over to thank for the bones and were beyond exited. I wonder if they still have the bones, haha!

We have 55 games of regular season left. Despite the catastrophically bad start to a season, we still can turn it around. A new coach brings new tricks. Believe is the most important word right now. We've talked the talk, watched the videos and have a hell of a lot f work to do. As Nike says it, "Just do it!".

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