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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
hockeydb has sv% numbers from '55-'67.


By all means i'm not trying to say Worsley > or = to Hall, but I did a small exercise compiling the top 7 save % for both from 1955-1970 (Min 15 games played)

Worsley Average = 0.9227
Hall Average = 0.92214

Yes that includes Worsleys 1966-67 season in which he played 18 games and had a save % of 0.950, but if you exclude that his average would be 0.9172857.

I'm not trying to bad mouth Hall or even say they are equal. But i'm convinced that worsley gets underappreciated because he played on those terrible Rangers teams for the majority of his career (Prime)

An honest question between the two. Who would you consider a better playoff goalie?

Yes, I know Hall was voted on the AST way more, but team success plays a major role (especially for goalies) in AS voting.

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