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Originally Posted by blackpanthers View Post
It is completely ridiculous to base a coaching decision on whether the individual is a francophone. Using the logic that the coach has to be a francophone, wouldn't that mean that your players need to be francophone too? Obviously it doesn't matter since 17 players on the Canadiens roster are not even from Canada and I highly doubt the majority of their players are francophone.
you obviously gave no thought to my analogy. do you acknowledge the numbers posted in the wikipedia article as reasonably accurate? if so, i don't see how the analogy i proposed cannot ring any bells. perhaps the marlins aren't the best choice because they don't have that deep and passionate a fan base? i used the marlins because i could more readily imagine a spanish-speaking coach being brought in, tho spanish speakers enjoy a majority in south florida so they probably would drown out the dozen or so anglophones left down there. the fans in montreal are absolutely crazy about hockey and the overwhelming majority of them are francophone. requiring a translator as an intermediary between your team's leader and *spokesperson* (not every single player - that's not a logical jump) and the overwhelming majority of its fans wouldn't fly in a lot of places, let alone a city that revolves around hockey like montreal does. i would be pissed off if the dolphins hired a coach who didn't speak english. can you imagine how much of a slap in the face that would be, especially when there are qualified english-speaking coaches available? there ARE qualified french-speaking coaches out there.

now the quebecois (as well as french) are very protective of their language and that plays a role but this is where things get very subjective and emotional so i won't go there. but i ought not have to.

if anyone can provide an example of, say, a coach in the english premier league who didn't speak a lick of english (an analogy that might be a closer match), i might reevaluate the importance of the protectionist aspect of the francophones in the equation. anyone?

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