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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
you obviously gave no thought to my analogy.

if anyone can provide an example of, say, a coach in the english premier league who didn't speak a lick of english (an analogy that might be a closer match), i might reevaluate the importance of the protectionist aspect of the francophones in the equation. anyone?
Your analogy has nothing to do with facts. The NHL & MLB are North American leagues. If the NHL was a Quebec league you might have a point but it is NOT it is North American and the last time I checked English is the primary language of North Americans.

From your wiki article:
Quebec allophones account for 9% of the population of Quebec, however 88% of this population reside in Greater Montreal. Anglophones are also concentrated in the region of Montreal (80% of their numbers).

Do you need me to explain this any further for you Captain Highlight?

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