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12-22-2011, 02:35 PM
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I know the idea of trading him and what his return would be has varying opinions on this board. I seriously think now is the time to trade him if at all possible. I know scouts and GM's aren't stupid, that they actually sit down and watch potential trade acquisitions play, so they're all seeing what we see. The thing that may cause Robidas' trade value to be higher than what those of us who think pretty lowly of him right might think is that in this particular case there may be a perfect storm of variables that may keep his value near what it would have been a year or two ago.

Let me clarify what I'm saying by pointing out I have no idea what his value was then nor do I have any idea about what type of return he would garner right now. Having said that there are factors that could possibly help the Stars get pretty good value for him (assuming he would waive, etc. etc.). We know he was highly regarded in the league as recently as the Vancouver Olympics; big picture, we aren't all that far away from those days. He is playing for a team that is generally considered to be a middling, in-the-playoffs-mix squad, but certainly not a team to bet on making the postseason or doing anything of significance if they get there. He is playing for a first year NHL head coach with no track record; poor play by a veteran may get swept under the rug a bit by a GM who doesn't have the data to contextualize the player's season thus far. Robidas is currently being relied upon far more heavily than he would on any team that would be sniffing around for him. This comes with the implication that fewer and less severe minutes would improve his level of play when called upon.

His trade value would be highest at the deadline so if he's traded that's probably when it would be best. I do firmly believe that there are teams out there who would give up some handsome assets to acquire him, that there are teams out there who will be active in the trading market shedding salary to be able to acquire veterans, and that Robidas wouldn't hold the Stars hostage by invoking the NTC. Joe made the tough calls on Modano, Turco, and trading Neal (this one is a push for me right now as to how it's working out) so I think he has it in him to make a deal if he feels that's the right way to go. Being in a position to absorb salary (intelligently) also gives him the flexibility to make a better hockey deal if he chooses to go the trade route.

Robi's been a good soldier but it's time to move on from a team perspective. I would still cheer for him on whatever team he were to end up on because he really is a good dude. It's just time.

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