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12-22-2011, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Pretty sure that Vancouver just doesn't have high school hockey, period, or at least didn't for a long time. I believe it's starting to creep in slowly, I think there are the odd teams in the suburbs now, but it's not a city with lots of highschool hockey like, say, Toronto. I think part of it is that hockey hasn't traditionally been quite as popular in Vancouver as it is now, it's not like the rest of Canada where you can just get started in the sport at an early age on endless outdoor rinks. Growing up in Toronto I feel like almost all of my male friends played organized hockey at some point, or at least would play shinny outside, but the majority of the guys I've become friends with in Vancouver (who are Vancouver natives) don't play the sport. Plenty of guys who play too, but not the same as in Toronto, and definitely not the same as in small town Ontario, where hockey is even more popular, so you can see why HS hockey has been slow getting here. That and the fact that it'd be tough to find ice time, there's a decent number of rinks, but not a crazy number, I'd say that in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New West and North Van combined there are maybe 20 rinks, servicing about 1 million people. Ice times in this sort of "core" of Greater Vancouver are already pretty damn booked up with beer leagues, minor hockey, etc.
Woowza that's rough lol. I am a little suprised by that but totally makes sense. I know out here there is a rink in practically every town, my town has just under 600 ppl and we have arguably the nicest ice in clarington. The only schools that don't play HS hockey lost the privalege. Like CCSS and Kenner had a bench clearing brawl last year that ended up with about 230 days of suspension from school between the 2 teams, so this year they said forget it your not playing for both those teams.

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