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Originally Posted by blackpanthers View Post
Your analogy has nothing to do with facts. The NHL & MLB are North American leagues. If the NHL was a Quebec league you might have a point but it is NOT it is North American and the last time I checked English is the primary language of North Americans.

From your wiki article:
Quebec allophones account for 9% of the population of Quebec, however 88% of this population reside in Greater Montreal. Anglophones are also concentrated in the region of Montreal (80% of their numbers).

Do you need me to explain this any further for you Captain Highlight?
how obnoxious.

there is no official language of north america. montreal, however lies in quebec and the *official* language in province of quebec is french. a sports league is a business and while big business can sometimes dictate language to a degree in remote lands (for example, the oil areas in the middle east or russia), it doesn't, by default trump a country, province or culture.

the mocking comments are especially ironic considering the sport we all love so much *originated* in montreal. but that is beside the point.

now, as to the facts - the important numbers (which you conveniently ignored/misinterpreted) from the article are

Francophones account for 65% of the total population of Greater Montreal, anglophones 12.6% and allophones 20.4%.
i provide this defense of the quebecois knowing that it or something like it could be used to justify hiring a spanish-only speaking manager for the marlins (now in miami where there's a similar 60+% majority).

anyhow, the point of this all is that there is no right answer. the people closest to the story who understand the culture there wouldn't dare suggest the feelings of many (certainly SOME francophones there couldn't care less and just want a winner) in quebec are "ridiculous". first, it's not good for job security. second, they know things are never as simple as some would like to make them. for example, two tidbits from the article laus posted:

Critics of the hiring say the Canadiens are more than just a hockey team and, for more than a century, have been an institution that represents French-Canadian pride.


One columnist Monday compared the Canadiens to Spanish soccer team Barcelona, which expects its players to learn the Catalan language and whose slogan is "More than a team."
barcelona's probably a perfect analogy for montreal; football's massive there and they are very protective of catalan. and look... they DO expect their players to learn the language. wanna mock them too?

in closing, let's drop it. there is no right answer.

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