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12-22-2011, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
barcelona's probably a perfect analogy for montreal; football's massive there and they are very protective of catalan. and look... they DO expect their players to learn the language. wanna mock them too?

in closing, let's drop it. there is no right answer.
It is. Two "nations within a nation", fiercely protective of their unique identity.

I am in favor of Montreal hiring only french speaking coaches, since it limits their pool of candidates and ultimately only hurts them. If your "enemy" chooses to weaken himself, why criticize? Grab those pom poms and cheer him on while he does it.

I think they should only hire French speaking coaches BORN in Montreal on days when the Habs were playing a home game. Ideally the TV should have been on in the labor suite, but we don't want to get too picky.


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