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Originally Posted by anonFOX View Post
I'm about 5'9", 145lbs. size ~10 foot

the stock blade seems to have a long radius, I feel like I'm losing out on maneuverability and such with so much blade/ice contact -- given my boot size would I maybe benefit from a tighter radius blade? I'm already more of a top-end speed kind of skater so I'm willing to lose a little bit of speed for turns

I have an old pair of Bauers sitting around with the TUUK holder. I've seen some skaters swap these in -- why do they do this? what advantages/disadvantages come with this holder? I like the stance of my Grafs more (forward leaning) than my old Bauers (more flat lean)

there's a good chance you were skating on a smaller blade radius prior to your grafs. grafs generally come in an 11' radius out of the box while bauers(starting in '09 i believe) come in a 9' radius.
i also noticed the difference when i switched to my g35's coming from my bauer x60's. just go to a sharpener you trust and ask them to give you a smaller profile.

as far players switching out to tuuks, it's mainly personal preference. some guys just prefer the feel of tuuks because that's what they became accustomed to skating in. others switch out to tuuks because they have a more neutral pitch as opposed to the more aggressive pitch of the cobras. if you're happy with the current stance of your 735's, then there's no reason to change holders.

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