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12-22-2011, 08:30 PM
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Hurricanes are sorry for being late we've been super busy with work and our internet was down last night so we hope we will be given a pass for being late but if not we understand. First chance I've had to get this in.

We would like to sign up for the

2. OLN Deal
American Teams Only
Criteria: Team must finish the regular season with an average attendance of 90% capacity.
Cost Fee: $2,000,000
Revenue: $5,000,000
Bonus: $500 000 (If team averages 95% capacity)

1. Ford Motor Company
Criteria: Team must finish the regular season with a .500 or better home record.
Cost Fee: $1,500,000
Revenue: $3,000,000

Player’s team CANNOT endorse Coca-Cola Company
Criteria: Team must have a player 25 or younger who has 35 or more assists in the regular season.
Cost Fee: $1,000,000
Revenue: $2,500,000

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