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12-11-2005, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by GagsIsDaMan
So you are saying Umberger has a better offensive skill set or will eventually develop into a good offensive player. He just might become a good point producer but you still can't justify to me that he belongs on a scoring line ahead of Kappy.
Absolutely he does. He's been healthy and producing. What's so hard to understand about that? Same with Carter. He's been healthy and producing. Yet, these two kids only get 11 (Carter) and 13 (Umberger) minutes of ice time a game. Sami comes back from being away for months and immediately he gets 17+ minutes of ice time. What's to justify that? He's a veteran? Big deal. He can't score if his life depended on it. What offensive ability he had, it left him four years ago when he was with Carolina.

Here we have two crown jewels of our system, and we can't justify giving them ice time. Yet, Branko and Sami get more minutes on the ice than they do. We could be steam rolling the competition, yet we can barely scrape by teams in the NHL that are nothing more than over glorified AHL teams. It's sad watching this. If Carter and Umberger were anywhere else in the NHL, they would get more ice time because their play has warranted it. Yet, because they're in Philadelphia, they get less ice time because they aren't veterans. It's a joke. As a fan who always goes to Philadelphia and spends several hundred dollars on hotels, games, merchandise, etc....I was really looking forward to seeing Carter and Umberger really dominate. Instead, by the time I get to see my Flyers in March, I'm pretty sure Carter and Umberger will be banished to the press box so the Flyers can make ice time for Primeau.

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