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Originally Posted by blackpanthers View Post
Your analogy has nothing to do with facts. The NHL & MLB are North American leagues. If the NHL was a Quebec league you might have a point but it is NOT it is North American and the last time I checked English is the primary language of North Americans.

From your wiki article:
Quebec allophones account for 9% of the population of Quebec, however 88% of this population reside in Greater Montreal. Anglophones are also concentrated in the region of Montreal (80% of their numbers).

Do you need me to explain this any further for you Captain Highlight?

Montréal and the Province of Québec couldn't care less of your "North American Leagues" and "North American Language". Just to enlighten you a little bit, Les Canadiens are not "Montréal's team" it's the Province's team. Your number should be 7,8% anglophone.

What the people want is someone that is bilingual. The fans tried to push Saku Koivu out of the club because he didn't spoke french and he was "just" the captain. Some people didn't care, but a lot did. Gionta's first interview as a captain started by saying "Désolé mon français pas bon." Just to show he's doing an effort because people care about this stuff.

I think you have no idea what hockey is to Montréal and the Province of Québec. Maurice Richard's suspension spark a riot that lead to a nationalistic movement which ended up being the "Révolution Tranquille". All of this because we raged against the Anglophone.

Granted that it won't have the same effect this time, but having the most public job in the province, you should be able to speak the language. But anyway, he'll be fired before he will have the time to learn.

Do you need me to explain this any further for you Captain Oblivious?

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