Thread: On the Radio: Bob Gainey now with the team
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12-22-2011, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Ford Prefect View Post
I agree wholeheartedly. This guy is a winner. Period. Took the North Stars to the Stanley Cup, won another as GM of the Dallas Stars (as well as another Stanley Cup berth, and six straight division titles). Saying nothing of the 5 cups he won in this city. He's a legitimate Hall of Famer who was so good at what he did players on BOTH sides of the Atlantic thought he was the best player in the world. So good they made an award to recognize his achievements.

I understand that there is a lot of discontent over some of his personnel decisions. I get it, I don't like the composition of this team either. It's fine to be critical of his decisions, but do so with a modicum of decorum. This organization is the standard when it comes to class in this (or any) league, and that is due to people like Beliveau, Richard, and GAINEY. Some of you little pukes hiding behind your monitors need to learn a little history. And respect.
having class and respect doesn't put up 2 points...**** gainey and the old boys club

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