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12-22-2011, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Do you understand the fallacy in this? Firstly, it's the same thing the Habs did with Halak, and secondly, they didn't win now solely because of that trade. The two most important factors in that team were Chara and Thomas. One big ticket UFA, one goalie drafted. Like I said before, given opportunities at a given moment, and the outcome is decided by the players who chose, not the other way around, and from all accounts, Gainey (and PG) tried to sign many big ticket UFAs, and got what he could with the opportunities he had in that regards, and in the end, when you can't draft high, the UFA market is the single most important opportunity to improve a team.

Don't lecture me on bias either, and acting as if there aren't differences in degrees of subjectiveness/objectiveness when people ignore/reject/deny what is a known fact, a logical, rational outlook that considers what is most relevant to the subject, business, and the outlook, money/profit. High levels of subjectivity are displayed when people do not incorporate all the known facts of the subject they are analyzing and rather fill the void with emotional/ego-based reactions. The way to have less bias is objectivity, and that begins by focusing on every aspect of a subject, not just the simplistic comparisons of 'the bottom line'.
Unless you are a member of the team, please tell me what you know to be facts? Unless you decide what is a fact. And the day you decide to proclaim it, is the day you have an opinion on what a fact is for you.

As far as who made it possible for Boston, yep Chara and Thomas were great parts to it. Thomas was not a Bruins draft pick but it doesn't matter. Yet, they had some great contribution by Krejci, Lucic, Bergeron and Marchand all great draft picks who were not picked that high. And add the Horton trade who we all known was a steal by Chiarelli at the time, and you do get a great recipe for success. But they were able to get the RIGHT UFA in due time, not go on a shopping spree because they HAD to get rid of Koivu and others and had to pick what was there, they picked accordingly and were strong enough to part with one hell of a goal scorer, something most "experts" in here said that they were going to miss big time. Mind you, they were at 1 goal of being right.....but that's not what history will remember.

And again, objectivity is a great word. But tough to actually use it. Yet, who decides that you are objective or not? If I tell you that you are not objective, you are proclaiming it's me that is dishonest and who only wants to bash the organization based on me being biased. How can you auto-proclaimed yourself as the objective person in a debate when you automatically has to choose a side at some point. I have a hard time believing who's objective in a debate when confronted to a GM's resume, some people just have the hardest of time mentioning the wrong moves he has made......So the guy was THAT perfect? But then usually when people replied to me "I've never said he was perfect..." they still can't mention his wrong moves....I don't see objectivity in this.

Oh and there's no lecture in any of this. It's how I see things. Not sure where I told you that you shouldn't view it the way you want.

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