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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Well, all of this movement up and down the lineup doesn't help.

He certainly isn't 100% healthy, I can assure you of that.

Usually what you see glimpses of in these kinds of players at this young an age is what they become more consistently by the age of 23 or 24. If JVR comes even within 1/2 of the monster he was for the playoffs then god help the rest of the league.

This really feels like that half year of limbo where everyone thought Giroux might fade out into a 50-point playmaker because he would get hot in spurts but couldn't find any consistency. People here worry a lot.

Notice how quickly Read's offensive start has disappeared. Also take a look at where Voracek, Read, and JVR sit in relation to points on this roster. These three are the guys who aren't seeing the bulk of the playing time and are moving up and down the lineup regularly. You'll start to see JVR and Voracek get some streaks going on to boost their point totals.
JVR has the raw size and skill to become a dominant player...he's got a 100+ mph slapshot, soft/quick hands, great speed at his age 22, he's just scratching the surface of what he can do.

I recall Richards, Carter and even Giroux, each having their growing pains when they were in the early stages of their NHL careers. We heard some people saying the same type of negative things about them then that we are hearing now about JVR. Some called them busts and/or wanted them traded before they eventually raised their games and became more valuable players, forcing the naysayers to eat crow. JVR's production thus far has been only modestly lower than that of Carter and Richards at a similar stage of NHL experience, keeping in mind JVR has had significantly less PP and overall minutes than those two did.

JVR has played about a couple of hundred NHL games. In that time, he's shown flashes of the kind of talent that would be expected of a player of his size and draft position but like many developing young players, he is this stage of the game it is pretty rare for a player to put it all together and play up to their potential. It would be a mistake to come to negative conclusions about JVRs NHL potential based primarily his current play, especially if he's playing hurt (remember it took a while for Briere to come back after his abdominal surgery).

As others have mentioned, there is that old adage, that it takes power forwards longer to mature. Yes, JVR is a power forward type of player...he may not actually be established as one in the NHL at this point, but when healthy and on top of his game (playoffs last season) he's shown he the ability to assert himself physically along the boards and use his speed and body to blow past the opposition and take the puck to the hole for times he was holding position down low and cleaning up some garbage in front. This is power forward type stuff.

Thing is, at 6'3" 200 lbs, JVR has not yet fully matured physically (or mentally for that matter). It's going to take 2-3 years for him to add about 20-30 lbs of muscle and become fully developed man...that's part of why it takes power forwards longer to develop...with that additional size and strength comes the confidence it takes to assert physically in the NHL like they once did at lower levels, where opposing players were younger and smaller. Give JVR a year or two... that kind of size and speed converging with a more developed, high-end skillset should result in a pretty formidable NHL we're gonna need once Jagr is gone and Hartnell's contract is up. In the mean time, 50-60 points of production in a second/third line role ain't too shabby.

Given these factors, and considering the route he took to the pros (fewer college games vs. what you get in Junior hockey), people should be a little more patient with JVR.

That said, if you had to send JVR to the Preds in a deal for Weber, that would be one of the few scenarios I'd consider moving him. Otherwise, I consider him a critical part of the Flyers future.

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