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12-22-2011, 11:00 PM
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Gentlemen (and ladies), this is my first post. I watch most of the games on my DVR (live in Arizona so the game is on too early for me to watch live). I have seen Ranger games since the old Garden on 8th Avenue and 49th Street. Used to sleep outside the Garden for end balcony tickets, which cost $2. Also have played with a few Rangers (and a few Islanders in the 80's). Love reading all your posts, Rangers are developing beauutifully, but are a year or two or a player or two away. The defense is young and phenomenal, but they don't generate enough in the offensive zone - too much looking to pass, cough up the puck, and they casn't hit the broad side of a barn half the time (MDZ shot was great, though, isn't he something, he belongs on the All-Star team if he plays like this always). Power play, however, is atrocious, except for Gaborik, they're always looking to pass until someone makes a mistake. Richards is also very unimpressive. Look forward to communicating with y'all, as I have very little to do with my life (LOL - I work a lot, actually). BTW, life in Az is much nicer than NY, except the Coyotes aren't going to get good until they become something like the Saskatoon Coyotes. Also, I can help you learn how to handle rattlesnakes!

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