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12-22-2011, 11:10 PM
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I'm hoping one of you guys can help me out here. I seem to have really funny shaped feet. The guy at PLH said I'm a size 5.5 EE. So he brings out a few pairs. I could only get one pair on and my toes were overlapping, but I couldn't touch the end with the laces completely loosened.

So he brought out a pair of Supremes size 6.0 EE. They had a decent amount of toe room but I found the instep didn't feel right, the heel area was touching plastic, and the heel part is too perpendicular.

I knew that I wanted to try some Graf 670's because of the shape of my foot. Luckily he had a pair in 6.0 wide. They felt great, my heel was very snug and didn't move around at all, the instep was correct, the width was great, they felt like a glove. Except one problem, by the small toe there's a rough spot in the plastic. My small toe was basically jammed right up against it. This is with normal socks.

- 5'7"
- 165 lbs
- Intermediate skating skill

- medium heel, moderate backstay
- deep instep
- size 5.5 for length but need at least size 6.0 EE for width and instep
- Normally have to go with shoe size 8.5 Wide just so the width will work, but there will be a good inch in front of my toes

- Would like to keep the skates under $400

If the 670's had the toe room of the Supremes I would've bought them. Not that there was a lack of room, it's just the one rough spot stuck out a bit. I can't see them working.

Maybe I should try a pair of 670's size 6.5 wides? I also see they make G75's which are the same overall shape as 670's in 6.0 Wide +. But those are a little out of my price range. Should I just go back to another store and keep trying the skates? I've already tried many different pairs.

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