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Originally Posted by Ford Prefect View Post
If anything, Gainey was a victim of circumstance. Let's remember his decision in context. True, he ponied up a lot of cash to take on Gomez, Gionta, and Cammie. However, the reason he had to do so is that NO ONE wanted to come here. He got shut out of every major free agent signing since he got here. From Briere down the line, no matter how much money was offered, UFAs would rather play elsewhere for less. There was a less than stellar class that year (Gaborik the only true star, after the Sedins re-signed). He had a truckload of money to spend and needed to rebuild a core from the previous season's fiasco. He took a chance that there would be some chemistry with Gionta, he was wrong. How could he know what would happen to Cammie?

He was over a barrel and did the best he could. I'm not sure there are many people out there who could have done much better.
I don't buy this. Gainey was a victim of nothing but himself and his own poor assessment of talent. He had players like Koivu, Grabovski, Ribeiro, and Ryder in the fold and simply flushed them, turning to the free agent market by choice not circumstances thrust upon him. And then there is Gomez, the ultimate embodiment and symbol of Gainey's compounded mistakes.

And if you believe published reports Gainey was prevented by Glen Sather and Gary Bettman from doing even more irreparable harm to the organization.

Gainey lived off one trade which was perceived by many to be a game changer- Kovalev. And as far as impact to the organization it pales in comparison to the harmful assessments he made in other areas.

There is no need to talk about Gainey's achievements as a player or person, his impeccable character does not get attacked here. His performance as GM in Montreal does.

Gainey wounded the teamed he loved the most, passed it to the man he trusted the most, and the 2 appear hell bent on euthanizing it together.

As much as I like Gainey he and Gauthier should have their passes and keys revoked. They are not skilled enough to give the fans what they want.

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