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12-23-2011, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
WT&$@#*$&@#)dsd*@#@*we) ?????????????

Are you for real???

Ya choose to only look at the good sides ..what about the signing of Laraque, the signing of Samsonov, the Janne Annonymat for Ribeiro trade WTF ?!?

The Gomez for our best prospect and a decent young player trade?

Gionta 5 years 25 M when Kovy wanted 2 years 10 M $

Getting rid of Koivu for no good reason

Getting rid of 10 players in 1 off-season asset management at all !

Getting rid of Huet right before the playoffs to make a young inexperienced goalie in Price our #1 ... Price then goes on to **** a huge choke job in the playoffs

Failing to re-sign Streit

The funny thing is you choose to ignore all this and talk about how we went deep in the playoffs that 1 year ...and then u fail to mention the only valid reason we went far ... the MIRACLE RUN by Halak!

Price is a good goalie, don't get me wrong but he's been an utter choke job in the playoffs!
The Laraque signing was the right idea. Not sure how it's Gainey's fault that BGL decided to turn into a Green Party guy instead of staying in shape and doing his job(ENFORCING!!!).

Samsonov was a UFA and cost nothing. He was coming off a 53 point in 74 game season post lockout, he seemed to be the type of player that would thrive in that style of game. Everything pointed to him being a good fit with this team plus he was buddies with Kovalev.

The Ribeiro trade looked bad on paper but Ribeiro ran himself out of town by his off ice habits and just pissing off the leaders on the team, he was seen around the league as an immature punk, that's why his value wasn't much. They took what they could, I hardly doubt they turned down Joe Thornton to get Ninimmaa. What other choice did they have?

Gionta for Kovalev...seriously? Like seriously? You don't see that as a clear upgrade?

Gionta is a great leader and has/had a lot more left in the tank than Kovalev. In 151 games after leaving Koavlev put up 34-49-83. In 172 games Gionta has 65-42-107 and is a huge upgrade defensively and in the room.

Changing over the roster WAS asset management, the 08-09 team was a flop, it needed to be broken up. Koivu as much as he was a great leader when he was here, it was time for him to move on.

I'm not a fan of the gomez trade but McDonagh was like #3 or 4 of our prospects behind Subban Pacioretty and Halak at the time.

I agree on the Huet trade, not a good plan to have Price as clear #1 as a rookie without a veteran back up. That was one of his two worst moves in my opinion(the other was the Pouliot/Latendresse trade).

Streit, for the kind of money he got was something like Wisniewski, no way he was going to play anything close to that contract here on the 4th line and PP.

Halak went on a tear 2 years ago but he was well surrounded and the team followed a gameplan and he got hot...Boston won a cup with that formula.

Not sure where you pull taht crap about Price being a choke artist, complete BS, he even outplayed the guy that won the Conn Smyth in the Boston series 2.11 .934% vs 2.25 .926%.

That post was Epic Fail

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