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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
WT&$@#*$&@#)dsd*@#@*we) ?????????????

Are you for real???

Ya choose to only look at the good sides ..what about the signing of Laraque, the signing of Samsonov, the Janne Annonymat for Ribeiro trade WTF ?!?

The Gomez for our best prospect and a decent young player trade?

Gionta 5 years 25 M when Kovy wanted 2 years 10 M $

Getting rid of Koivu for no good reason

Getting rid of 10 players in 1 off-season asset management at all !

Getting rid of Huet right before the playoffs to make a young inexperienced goalie in Price our #1 ... Price then goes on to **** a huge choke job in the playoffs

Failing to re-sign Streit

The funny thing is you choose to ignore all this and talk about how we went deep in the playoffs that 1 year ...and then u fail to mention the only valid reason we went far ... the MIRACLE RUN by Halak!

Price is a good goalie, don't get me wrong but he's been an utter choke job in the playoffs!

''Are you for real?'': haha!! I ask that ''to be or not to be'' question quite often to people only to receive a ''get a life'' response!!

Nanomat!! Ha ha!! That did make me laugh!
Yes I indeed chose to ignore all the trades that didn't work since I'm a huge Gainey fan!! (can't deny that!). Wish we still had players like him on our current team.

Here is my rule!!:
You're not allowed to **** on a trade that doesn't work if YOU YOURSELF liked it when it happened. It's not fair to **** on trades only when they don't work (especially if you liked them at the time...fair?! oui?! non?!).

Example: many here were excited Laraque was a Hab...I know I was! we finally had the best policeman in the NHL!! (I was excited)...of course it didn't take long for me (his 2nd season I think) to despise his faxing/invite only/bs excuses for not defending teammates,etc... but I would have taken that chance like Gainey did. I admire Gainey for getting rid of Laraque.

Tanguay for 1st...I was excited for that one...of course it didn't work. But the truth...many Hab fans were excited about it. Not fair to boo it after...if you initially liked it you have to stick to it.

SamsoNO...almost forgot about's better if I or we do!! (it was a try).

Gomez: I must admit I was shocked when I first heard about the trade (huge fan of McDonagh's potential with us), but hypnotized myself into thinking he's good for center depth (expensive yes 'cause of Glen Sather but good for center depth...good for center depth...I'm still trying to hypnotize myself with this thinking!! I'm more patient with Gomez VS always-waiting-for-Markov-every-$%^&*#$-season (doesn't matter how good he is, his fault or not,etc,...he's never around to help our Habs and that's the bottom line).

I couldn't stand Ribeiro as a Hab so I was biased...his value was so low at the time for his bad reputation (clubbing, lazy/no work ethic,etc), so you couldn't get a Brenden Morrow for him at the time...I was happy to just get rid of him. Easy to blame Gainey since Ribeiro has had good seasons with Dallas. Niniimat...who could have predicted he would disappear like that! At least we got the most bizarre picture out of him! where he is on ice looking straight at the camera with a very strange look on his face...looking very very lost!! (someone has it?).

Gainey = drafting Price instead of Pouliot or Brule.
Gainey = Price, Subban, Gorges (I'm a fan of all three!)

Price in playoffs...I'm all about playoffs and know his record is not Patrick Roy-esque...yet. Price will get HOT in playoffs one day (I believe so and hope I'm right, gulp!), out!! (I just hope it's with our Habs and not against him!). I'm patient with Price...maybe a gut feeling for me?

Maybe I'm just the wrong person to fight with since I'll always always respect Mr.Gainey for all the Cups he helped our Habs win.

And after Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay, well...Gainey was a huge breath of fresh air.

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