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12-23-2011, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by habaholic View Post
Lol! Another Cyber tough guy. He screwed us all personally for 5 years? Yes, absolutely!! Brilliant stuff.

Have any of you haters, AT THE VERY LEAST,looked at the roster he inherited from the Houle era and compared it with the roster he left PG. Anybody???? Only after then can you tell me he "screwed" us.

I don't know if most of you were too young to remember the end of the Savard era and his putrid drafting record or the disaster that was the Houle era but I remember fully, and I'll take Gainey as our GM anyday of the week over the previous 2 regime. If anything he brought respectability back to our organization when we had no more left.

Some of you should check out the recent interview with Pierre Boivin (I think it was in La Presse) and how Gainey helped them (Habs) get some weight back within the NHL circles. We were an absolute joke when he took over.

Do your research! A GM's job is alot more than trading spare parts like Grabovski, S Kost and other players who'll probably never amount to anything. It's about creating a healthy environment where players want to come here and play (see UFA's signed), putting together a good development program (see habs farm team before and after his era), putting together a good team of scouts (amateur and pro), and other.

If pro scouting was an issue, I think the rest speaks for itself. Before he took over we missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 times and after he took over I think you could reverse those numbers. That's all I need to know and all that matters.

Want a last example? Brian Burke hasn't only made good moves since taking over the Leafs but in the grand scheme of things, his team is getting better. That's how it works.

13 Wins
23 Losses

Thanks for playing.

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