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12-11-2005, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by lynchmob450
You're not allowed to trade a trainer?? How about a stick boy?? (i guess the attempt at humor went right over your head?).

Anyways...the point of this thread is NOT about acquiring Luongo for McCrossin(believe me, if you could trade a trainer for a star, the MapleLosers fans have already looked into this)...but rather why this is happening all of a sudden...and IF this could have been avoided?

Just look at the Turner Stevenson injuries for areason to question our "trainer" (is he a trainer or an expert at strength and conditioning??). If McCrossin hasn't **** up on this, i'm a strength and conditioning expert as well!
Agreed. It's part of McCrossin's job to develop and strength and exercise routine to ensure that our guys are in top notch condition and don't get hurt. Groin pulls and tears are the direct result of specific areas of the body not getting stretched properly or stretched too far.

That said, I'm a big advocate of Yoga. Call it fruity, call it gay, call it whatever you want, but the results are there with Yoga. Add to the fact that it's probably one of the best exercises you can do mentally and physically, I'm surprised it hasn't caught on all over the league.

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