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12-11-2005, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
Hatcher has nowhere near the reputation that Stevens had. Nobody fears Hatcher the way people feared Stevens. Hatcher had a reputation of being dirty, but being unable to fight his way out of a paper bag (in case you missed it, Jarome Iginla ***** slapped him in the playoffs and put a beating on him). Stevens, on the other hand, had that element of meanness to him. Not only could he hit you hard, but if you tried to fight him, he'd pound the piss out of you too. Look at some of the hits he's laid on people. And especially after he laid out mellon head.

Don't mistake Hatcher for Stevens. It's not even close.

A young Lindros beat the utter living crap out of Stevens. Apparently you're new to this hockey thing.
What was your point again?

Stevens was a better all around player then Hatcher. Hatever is more dirty. It is still Hatcher. This isn't Therien we're talking about. Players on the other team sure as hell look out for Hatcher in a similar way they looked out for Stevens. And they still do.
Stevens is the better all-time dman, but Hatcher has basically the same rep as far as players on other teams looking out for him when he's on the ice.

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