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12-23-2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
first of all - in regards to the floating wrister comment, i was talking about the first goal, which neil tipped. so before you go attacking me, you may want to learn how to read.

secondly - karlsson's goal was a slapshot, but not a particularly hard one and had all day to shoot. clemmensen has to find that puck, and using a screen as an excuse, is just that, an excuse. he had a good amount of time to realize the shot was coming. it's his responsibility to find that puck.

funny, how the good goalies tend to be more difficult to screen, no? finding the puck is part of being a good goalie. something clemmensen is not.

i defended him after everyone attacked him after the buffalo loss. breakaways are breakaways, and clemmensen may suck at stopping them, but ultimately a defensive breakdown is truly at fault. but last night, we lost because scott clemmensen sucks, plain and simple. despite all the injuries, despite losing weiss 3 shifts into the game, we outplayed ottawa all night and lost because of clemmensen. plain and simple.

hope you enjoy being a scott clemmensen apologist, must be fun.
So you're blaming a deflection on Clemmer? haha, come on. this is getting outrageous. Nobody is blaming any goalie when the puck gets deflected in front of the net like that. That's exactly why it was a "floating wrist shot" so it could get deflected. Karlsson is one of the best offensive d-men in the game right now so that can hardly believed to be an unintentional play. Perhaps you should be more reasonable.

I apologize for my interpretation of your ambiguous post.

LOL, all day to shoot? Clemmer was screened and what are you talking about, "good goalies tend to be more difficult to screen"???? what? That's on the d-men to move the screen. Clemmer tried to look around it but that happens in hockey. Give some credit where credit is due. Karlsson put the puck off the inside post while Ottawa screened Clemmer. Oh, and all day? Maybe you should blame Flash, iirc, who didn't cover his man at the point allowing Karlsson to accurately shoot the puck around the screen. Or do you expect Clemmer to cover the point man too?

I'm not a Clemmenson apologist. You're wrong so I'm pointing it out.

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