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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
-Making the playoffs and not having any reasonable chance to do anything there is not respectable. It's called mediocre, or barely above that, and it only delays the rebuilding process for bad teams like the Rangers were.

-The Rangers were never contenders when Jagr was here. They had one season as an above average club, 2006-07.

-The Rangers could have been where they are today several years ago if they had never acquired Jagr at all. You know, like a rebuilding team might have done. Jagr's presence here essentially delayed the inevitable and probably cost us several year's of Lundqvist's career. Jagr's presence cost us a chance to draft in the top 3-4 for a season or two.

-Jagr never played defense, routinely took his time skating leisurely back to the bench after shifts while opposing teams got odd man rushes against. This happened virtually every game and a bunch of goals against every year were a result of that.

-The fact that the Rangers single season goal record belongs to a guy who got it in a season where scoring was ridiculously inflated sucks. Yeah, Jagr scored 56 goals the way Gomez scored 33 and Gionta scored 48. Give me a ****ing break.

-The team's "success" because of Jagr, and the resulting delusions about the team's greatness, spurred them to sign Gomez and Drury.

-Jagr didn't look anywhere near as good in 2007-08 as he does this season, but he wanted a ******** of money to stay, anyway. Remember how he didn't feel he could properly assume his role as a leader of a team unless he was paid like one, or whatever ******** he said?

Jagr is a great player, arguably the greatest European player of all-time. Watching him play was enjoyable, but his presence here did more harm than good for this franchise. His presence here allowed Sather to continue destroying this team, and if it weren't for Bob Gainey agreeing to make one of the worst moves in the history of the league, the Rangers would still be in the nightmarish scenario that stemmed from Jagr and his time with the club.

And, once again, I can't stand when this team gets hated players from huge rivals. I don't want to see guys I have a deep-seeded hatred for skating in Ranger sweaters. I want to beat those players. I didn't want Lindros, I didn't want Holik, I didn't want Kasparaitis, I didn't want Jagr, I didn't want Gomez. Get your own damn players! I don't care how good they are. I don't want Parise, either. I want New York Rangers!
I don't get this at all.

So you're blaming Jagr because he caused Sather to make signing mistakes and the fact we weren't a lottery team because of him?

How does this make any sense? I agree he routinely took nights off and barely played defense, especially in his last year here, but you're putting blame on the guy for not leading us to a Cup. How is it his fault Sather decided to sign Drury/Gomez? Yes, he signed Gomez for a guy to play with Jagr, but Sather was the who signed him, not Jagr.

What did you expect the guy to do when he was here? Scored 200 points and lead us to a Cup by himself? And this is coming from someone who couldn't stand Jagr in his last year here.

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