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11-04-2003, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by HOZ
Gordie Howe wasn't the most talented in his era either. He simply was the best. It was his will to win that set him above the rest. He'd kill to win.

Bobby Orr was the most talented and best player of his era. But he was cut down by a knee injury. Can't wheel and deal when you have one flat tire!

Gretzky was never the most talented player. He was simply the greatest ever. He isn't a great skater. His shot isn't that great either. Yet he put up points like no one ever had before or has since. 215 points by a small, slow, weakling. Yet he dominated. Why? The will to win. That sets him way above anyone else.

Mario had to learn it from him before he started pumping in 199points.

Some people will never understand this. People wtill think Gretzky embarrassed himself at the Olympics. No, that was a WINNER blowing up at a loser of a team.

Wrong again, Gretzky avoided injury, scored goals, and made unbelievable passes because he was head and shoulders above anyone else in his vision of the game. He literally knew what was going to happen before it happened, in fact, Gretzky as part of his pregame warmup think of all the possible scenarious that the other team would try, to stop him. He simply outthought everyone else. Gretzky's will to win wasn't there, because he didn't care if he won or lost, it was all on how HE played the game. If he anticipated, and his mental aspect was on target, the team would win, and thats exactly how Gretz approached the game. Keenan after the Canada Cup said about Gretz.... I have never met a player that thought the game as well as he does, and thats why he is the greatest!