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11-04-2003, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by spaz44
He couldn't shoot but managed to score 92 goals yet it was an offensive era but who in that era came even close to scoring 92??

His shot is very underrated even today. Ask any goaltender from that era and they will tell you that Mr. Gretzky could shoot.

How do you check him? If you backed off him he would find a open man anywhere because he saw the ice better than anyone that has ever played.

If you tried to take away the pass he would burn you with his shot.

As for his skating, yep he couldn't skate but managed to have so many breakaways, and name one player that could catch him when he got in the clear?

He wasn't great in any one area he was great in them all.

Jacques Demers comment was in my hockey calender the other night "He was impossible to check, everyone said hit him but it was almost impossible to hit him because he was always three plays ahead of everyone else"

I think what everyone was trying to say is, Gretz didn't have the fastest wheels, nor the hardest or most accurate shot, even Wayne will admit that. you said it the last with your quote of Lemaire.. he was three plays ahead of everyone else...... On nights when Gretz was really on, IMO he was a couple of shifts ahead of everyone else!