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11-04-2003, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam
Yeah it sucks. Me and my wife we going to fly out to Edmonton from Ontario just for the classic. I doubt any of the politicians accepting the tickets would have cared even remotely enough to spend that much coin to go to a hockey game.

When it was originally announced, I thought "I'm there!". Then this crap started happening. Oh well, I'll have the best seat in the house at home. I'll make sure it's nice and warm, that the pizza is hot and the lazy-boy's all comfy while the nucklehead politicians are freezing their arses off trying to scrape the frost from the glass so they can see.

Okay, okay. So I want to be the one scraping the glass!!!
Although I still eke out a living in E-Town, I return home as fast as I can to the comforts of my HinterLand hovel. The better half, she of the gentler persuasion, seperately we both applied to secure tickets, in as many ways as we could, within the spirit of the rules, and were shutout. Together we'd have driven that hour and a half there and maybe stayed in a hotel, then would have trekked home happy to have been 2 of the horde who found their way to the live outdoor ice on a fresh crisp November's eve "In the Heartland of Hockey."

So we too will make sure "that the pizza is hot" and we are all comfy too when the screen begins to glow. Our regret will be that many, unprepared for the rigors of enjoying outdoor hockey in northern Alberta, will not dress appropriately. Unable to enjoy themselves because of the cold they will leave early having really no interest in the game's outcome.

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