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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post

Timmins would get the same mandate as PG and BG. Any GM would get the same mandate, and in turn, you'll hate every GM we'll get (after some time) because you have zero understanding of were the ultimate volition lies. You essentially have zero realistic pragmatism. The rest that follows shows just how delusional you are. If they make those trades, Habs will surely not make the playoffs, which is the absolute opposite of Molson's imperative.

You better quit the Habs right now, because they will always be stuck in this process. The only way out is an unintended bad season to get a high pick, a situation were they are almost 100% sure that they aren't gonna make the playoffs when trade deadline comes around.
Which is pretty much what a lot of folks want including the poster you quoted. I don't see what you're trying to argue in favor of here, that's basically what the org would be doing if this happened. We could really use a 1-2 year prospect restock, and guys like Gionta, Cammy etc are only signed 2 more years iirc.

I'm not saying we won't make the playoffs, things look grim but it isn't the end of the world. There's still plenty of hockey left to play. But I would be intrigued to see what kind of offensive prospect in this years draft Timmins could fetch us given a high pick.

Philly has a ton of fans too and they did it, a one year retool and now look at them. I'm not denying clever UFA signings played a part, but we're in a position where we could gain some assets from guys we potentially wouldn't need, and be back in the race as early as next year. I can live with not being a top team a couple years, what I can't live with is perpetually dealing away quality picks and players to stay somewhat relevant i.e. 6th-8th place. If we can draft some really high quality forwards and build around them and our current defense and goaltending we'd be fine imo. We have Beaulieu and Tinordi, neither are a guaranteed thing but Gorges and Subban are pretty damn good, Emelin is worth keeping too imo. The rest can get quality returns. If it means St-Denis plays a season with us then so be it. Once he's replaced with quality draft choices you can get something for him as well. We don't have to be stuck in this cycle, and I think that's basically what a lot of people are saying.

Of course if we can come back with this squad and do well I'll be happy too. I just don't want to see 9th-11th place...

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