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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
There are exceptions to every rule.

And really, comparing Staal to Stevens? Seriously?

Stevens had a base from which to draw a conclusion that he was legit enough in the offensive zone to be game planned against when he had the puck. He had ESTABLISHED himself as a #1 before doing the right thing for the team and his teammates.

Staal has never topped 29 points, Stevens career high was 78 points before he allowed Neidermayer to step into the role of offensive catalyst.

Stevens stepped into the supporting role of #2 defenceman on the Devils top pairing with Neids and guess what happened? Well, you mentioned it yourself.

3 cups in 9 years and Neids was every bit as responsible as was Stevens.
Are you talking about winning a Norris trophy or being a #1 defensemen? Because there is a pretty huge difference.

There are, what, 30 #1 D's in the league? Give or take? 46 defensemen scored more points than Marc Staal last year. He is significantly better defensively than a good portion of them.

If Staal scored 9 more points (which would have put him in the top 30) but played significantly poorer defense would that make him a #1 D? Wonderful logic.

As for Stevens, the bolded is the only answer you needed to give. I wasn't comparing Staal to anyone. I was asking about Stevens because I was curious just how poorly you judged defensemen. The rest of your post is so off topic you might as well just wrote about what your favorite foods are.

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