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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Those of you in this thread who are stating Johnson is "the odd man out" need to put the bong down. Cripes. Voynov's been decent for sure, but he's been inconsistent and still is clearly learning as he goes. He's shown the talent, but these 19 games haven't been so stellar that he bumps a guy like Johnson clear out of the line up.

Some of you are so fickle, dogging a player or the entire team one game, then they are your BFF the next night. Johnson isn't perfect, he's not a number one defenseman, but he's a very good to elite number two or three defenseman and those aren't easy to come by. If you think Voynov is going to magically start playing Johnson's minutes, only play them better, you need a reality check. Maybe a few years from now, but definately not today.

I swear some of you will just jump on to the next decent prospect and start touting him as being better than so-and-so simply because that's all you've been able to learn as a Kings fan. We actually are a decent team with darkhorse cup potential, and best of all we are loaded with core players who are young and locked in until most of you (finally) turn 18. And with no NTC/NMC as well. We are a few pieces away, and maybe one more year of maturity (which i didn't think we'd need) from being a legitimate candidate to make a cup run. JMFJ is part of that.

How many teams give up on a guy like Johnson at his age and recent production and live to tell the tale while sipping from Lord Stanley? Few if any.

Did you all eat glue in Kindergarten?

And yes, get off my lawn too!
If Jack is packaged to bring an Elite Winger to the top lines with speed. I make that trade, and live with Slava playing his minutes and Making mistakes.

Now does Jack+ bring an Elite Winger here ?

That is a question that can't be answered easily.

I am just sick of Jack being on the ice for goals Against. But lets face it if Jack is traded it will be some other D man that gets hit with all the minus.

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