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12-23-2011, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
If this team represented it's fans it would be a bunch of beer swilling garage leaguers with too much time on their hands.........nevermind....they DO represent their fans very well right now.

Seriously? represent the fans? Come-on. This is the year 2011, there are more than just francophones living in quebec now. There is the anglos, other european immigrants, asians, africans, all their descendants.

Not to mention, who gives a crap where they are from and what language they speak. The only thing they need to do is win.

I bet all those who "don`t feel represented" would participate in that farce of a protest on Jan 7th.

And before anyone says something....

Je suis francophone. J`était né à Montréal et élevé en Ontario. J`ai vécu à travers notre pays pendant les dernières 19 ans que je suis dans les Forces Canadiennes. Oui, je suis un Canadien en PREMIER!

Je suis fière d`être un amateur des Canadiens. Si vous est tellement déçu arrète de suivre l`équipe òu attends pour vos Nordiques.
Au sujet de langue (et de culture)...^ça


ps. our players are mercenaries. what a hyperbolic and stupid remark.

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