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12-23-2011, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
Those *******s are putting together an incredible show that is giving you as much access to your favorite team as any fan could ask for. Please don't think for a second that HBO has some sort of agenda to display the Rangers in a negative light.
I disagree, as well as disagree with the post a few down. To me it's like they're building up Philly as some superteam, and us as some try hard underdogs. I mean, we kinda are, but they're playing it to the max. Makes for drama. But two full hour episodes now, and they've shown what, ONE win? We have one of the best records in the league per games played, and in two hours we've seen one win. And that win was dramatic as hell, yet they treated it like ho hum.

No mention of our win streaks, (I mean, 13 out of 16 or whatever with no mention. No respect about how we always battle back from losses, or really any building us up whatsoever. I thought for sure the 2nd episode was gonna highlight more how much warriors we are.

So yeah, I've been quite disappointed so far and I'm sure plenty others have been as well. At least from a fan level. As a viewer, the series itself, as a series, has been very entertaining to watch. But still, I have yet to feel from the show that our team is something special, when for two months now was have been nothing short of special.

Ok, that's all. Please note I didn't read the whole thread and only watched the show last night, so I may not know certain things already covered.

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