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12-11-2005, 10:40 PM
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Chris Stewart, i wasn't too impressed with his play last season but it seems like he's really breaking out, early-mid 2nd rounder?

Brian Little, very solid offensive skills, a great player 1987 why wasn't he in last year's draft?? top 7

Cal Clutterbuck, he seems to have weird nights one night he'll be the center of attention (minus tavares now) and other nights he dissapears, and other times it'll seem like he's not making an impact and you'll see 3 points on the board for him it's strange, but he should be i'd say 3rd rounder?

Dustin Jeffery, awesome skill was one of Mississauga's top players arguably the best one so far this year, he's having a breakout as well got traded to the SOO so we'll see how that works, raelly like him i might be over rating him but i want to say late 2nd early 3rd

Parker VanBuskirk, I wanted to throw him in, the key for sarnia with Painchaud to the Sarnia/Miss blockbuster last year his name wouldn't be revealed till he turned 16 for some reason, but he's said to have the potential to become the best goaltender in the OHL in 10 years once he's reached his top level, i could see him going maybe even ahead of Daniels, somewhat raw, but should be a great goaltender i could see some team grabbing him up late 1st, early 2nd got to see him play twice and both of them solid starts they seem to let him stay in reguardless of wether or not he's having a bad night.

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