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11-04-2003, 09:17 PM
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Imo, Julien is an ahl caliber coach. Good to teach the youth (good hockey knowledge), but unable to deal with the other NHL caliber coaches. He gets outcoached often, he has troubles adjusting his lines/strategy to the opposition and just like his team he lowers the shoulders when his team gets manhandled. Playing a 1-2-2 isn't going to help the team make up a 4-1 (or 4-2) deficit even though it is "the system". Also, as the game goes by, you need to cut your bench and adjust lines depending on who's hot during the game and who's not (also figuring what kind of game your teams need to show to win the game - offensive or defensive?), something Julien just never does. When we're trailing 4-2 in the third, it's not Juneau or Dackell that will get you closer...

Also, since our problem seems to be that our players show no accountability to our coach, maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if Gainey went behind the bench until the end of the year. At least, he'd be able to figure out for himself who has a good or bad influence on the team, who are going to be our leaders, etc. He could use his experience behind the bench to mold this team into a winner. Also, players couldn't play without effort and think that the coach would get the heat instead of them... Besides, Gainey could groom a future coach if he returned behind the bench until the end of this year (Carbonneau as assistant coach, Jarvis, etc).

What I'm seeing is the same exact thing as last year when Therrien got fired. Lack of scoring and lack of effort.

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