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12-11-2005, 11:06 PM
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It was great fun tonight in ball hockey, even if we lost 5-0. I played wing, and had a golden opportunity to score. I was in the creast, the ball came slowly to me and stopped. I was completely by myself. I shot and hit the goalie's pad. If I had looked first, I would have the top half of the net completely empty. If I had shot high, I would have certainly scored! The lesson: When in the creast, always determine the position of the goalie and where on the net you should shoot if you got the ball. Next time I'll know!

At one point, I was doing two wingers' job and defenseman's job. The ball went in the corner of the offensive zone. I rushed to the defenseman to put pressure on him. He passed the ball the other way to the other defenseman who was also deep in the zone. You would expect my teamate to care of that guy. No... I rushed to him too, and tried to get the ball away from him. That took alot of energy from me. I went back to the bench as soon as I could. The other time, they broke out of their zone. You would expect our defensmen to take care of the two wingers who were going toward our zone. No... I saw what was going on. I could have run back to our zone, but I told myself it's not my job. They had a 2 on 1 and scored. I'm wondering if it got to our defenseman's head that he screw up... At another time, I was covering the pointman in our zone and walked around following the ball from sight while making sure the pointman was not getting away from me. Someone on the benched yelled to me, "You're walking!" What the heck! I was doing my job.

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