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12-23-2011, 09:14 PM
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Guys - Since the late 60s I've watched our team have a few terrible seasons. I've also watched them win 9 Cups. But mostly, I've watched a whole lot of in-between. We're now in one of those uncomfortable transitions from in-between to bad, just when we thought we were headed the other way. Instead of up, we're inexplicably on a downward course. That's what makes it so tough. Just like 2010's playoffs were amazing because the results were so much better than expected, this season's results are agonizing because they're so much worse than expected. I mean, WTF?? The same core of players that finished a solid 6th, with the addition of Cole and the return of Pacioretty -- how can we NOT be better?? It still makes no sense and yet here we are, floundering. Reasons are most likely mental and motivational -- which is good news as far as trade bait. Teams won't nibble at damaged goods, but they WILL jump to acquire some other team's unhappy talent.

Mark it - we will come back, as every team does and as the Habs have always done. We'll improve. We'll change where needed. And we will contend. Not because PG will suddenly become Sam Pollock, or even Serge Savard, but because I cannot believe the Molsons will allow their business heritage to fail. Good, passionate owners demand results and expect success, and they'll spend the money to get both. Geoff Molson grew up with the same team we did, and I'm convinced his feelings for the Canadiens run much deeper than a business investment. He'll do what it takes, and get the best people available. Next year's free agents, this year's trades, immediate help in management -- all being examined as we speak.

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