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12-23-2011, 09:34 PM
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Kevin Gravel will play in the NHL one day.

He just will end up playing in the NHL one day. He doesn't have a flashy game but he does have game. He can skate, he finishes his checks, he makes smart plays with the puck and can be counted on in front of the net.

He plays a quite game, a smart game and can at times seem invisible on the ice and while that mind sound bad, think of Scuderi's best games and you will know what I mean.

His coach praises Gravel's play and has said that he (Gravel) is one of the best stay at home Dmen to play for him in awhile. I have had the chance to follow Kevin allot this year (while following a team mate) and while I saw him a little bit last year I almost didn't recognize him when I first saw him play this year.

He has put on a little needed weight and continued to develop his balance/skating ability. His shot is pretty good but not a rocket but that isn't his game anyways. Gravel is just a smart play reading shut down machine with very good ability at every aspect of his game.

You almost want to see him have a rocket of a shot our breakaway speed so that he can really stand out but then, he doesn't need any of that really. He stands out simply by playing smarter hockey than his team mates and usually his opponents.

Kevin Gravel will play in the NHL and I think he is going to be a good stay at home shut down type Dman when the time comes. I would say give him 2/3 years before he really starts making his push but he has the physical attributes to make it sooner.

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