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12-12-2005, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Spongebob
But overall he does not have the ability to make good decisions and his work ethic is *****.
Originally Posted by Osprey
Jesus didn't beat his girlfriend, have tatoos almost completely covering one arm, act like he was a big-shot or think he was Paul Coffey. Your comparison is very, very flawed.
Where do you guys come up with this?!? I mean, did corvo say something to you that you guys took all personally and then never forgave him for it? Maybe he passed you up when you were trying to get an authentic Joe Corvo autograph and then from then on you thought he was an arrogant SOB? I have never heard any complaints from AM about Corvo's work ethic nor have I ever heard anything about his so-called "ego" issues EXCEPT on message boards. Can either of you back any of your statements up? Really, I want to hear some legitimate source back your preconceptions up. Entertain me.

Originally Posted by TonySCV
And PLEASE don't say plus/minus. The +- is a fluke stat because he spends most of his playing time out there with our top line. Hell Jyrki Lumme could have been a +20 defenseman playing D with Frolov, Demitra and Conroy on the front line.
Funny, you cite the top line as the source of his high +/- and yet he seems to have topped every single person on that top line. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that one could argue that they cease to be the source and Corvo may even be the source of THEIR high +/-.

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