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12-24-2011, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by TheTotalPackage View Post
It's always been a Canadiana dream of mine to put a backyard rink. Unfortunately, I don't have the biggest backyard. I'm thinking I can put in a 30' x 15' rink, possibly 35-40' x 20' if I figure out the proper positioning (I have an awkward shaped lot).

Has anyone put in a smaller rink? Is it worth it? I suppose even if it was 15' x 7' it's all good as you and your kids get to enjoy it.
My backyard is small and sloped so the best I can do is 20x24. I put the rink in the year my kids were 3 and 6 and after 2 months they could both skate too well for the rink to be enough fun that they weren't asking to go somewhere bigger every time they wanted to skate. That said the amount they improved in the 2 months of heavy use was probably as much as they would have in that entire winter if not longer.

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