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12-24-2011, 02:00 AM
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Suggestiion: Let's cheer the team and help them

Guys, I'm serious about this. I can't do anything but I think you guys can. And by the way, Yes I'd love a top 5 pick, but in the meanwhile let's cheer on the Habs. Even if we lose, at least the Habs players will know we have their back.

We have no choice. We are Habs fans. I think times are dark, but I will never ever stop loving the Habs.

You know what? It would be cool if real Habs fans, who know how tough it is now for these guys, came out on Jan 4 and gave them a big cheer. Yes, I'm pissed at Cammy and others, but man, that would be cool. It's exactly the opposite of what the players will expect.

Sadly I think it will not happen though. I wish it would, it would pick the team up. It's Hockey, it's a game of spirit. We could give these guys some spirit by giving them an ovation when they get back. Do they deserve it? No. But let's cheer them as Habs fans. Let's show them support.

I'm a long way away, I can't go to the game. Maybe you guys could organize one small section of the Bell that shows total support to our guys on the 4th. I think it would help the guys big time right now.

This would show our class as Habs fans.

I leave it to you guys. Get on twitter, tell Mike Boone. Get 5000 people at the bell to give them a big cheer of support when they get back. Man, That would touch our players, and tell them they are in a great hockey city, not a **** one.

We can't help the guys on the ice, but we can damn well tell them we are behind them.

It's the last thing we want to do, we're pissed off, fair enough. But I think it would be classy and brilliant. Anyone up for organizing this?

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