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12-24-2011, 01:40 PM
Gary says it's A-OK
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Originally Posted by T M L View Post
YES, the players HATE him! This has been well documented. Your faith in RW is an "epic fail" This guy is a terrible coach. Garbage.

Are you sure your not Ron? LOL
The players hate him? which players would those be btw

Originally Posted by dynrehab View Post
When a coach is hired by 4 different GM's in 4 different organizations, to coach 1 expansion team, and 3 rebuilding teams, I'd say it's a pretty good sign, the hockey experts think he is a good development coach.

There have also been sign after sign in the past 4 years that he has used techniques for development. People were screaming "what is he doing', I was pointing out his development strategy, and have been told for 4 years it is baseless and without merit.
stop using logic you know there is no use for it around here nor will it dissuade a mind thats already made up not to mention deluded. If you keep it up you could somehow very well blow up the interwebs and then what, we'd have to go back to talking to each other face to face which would be a death nell for moronism or at least put back where it belongs

MYTHERS will always prevail on the intertainmentnet and this is of course why it is the intertainmentnet

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