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Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
Serious question. This team has proven a lot to us this year so far haven't they. They've exceeded our expectations and battled diversity like true warriors. Yes as a Rangers fan, there's always that cynicism of feeling like the slippery slope is only a footstep away.

Thing is, we just beat the 3 hardest teams for us to play against (regardless of standings) including a decisive win over Philly after playing the night before and 3 in 4 nights. We won all 3. I'm still giddy. But it took guts like you wouldn't believe.

But the biggest reason I'm beginning to believe we can make a serious run at the cup is because NOTHING seems to faze our rookies. These three games, and last night inparticular, were huge tests for our young guys. It kept being repeated last night that it felt like a playoff game. I think that falls short. It felt more like a game friggin 7. Yet our rookies and youth didn't falter a bit and made some amazing plays under pressure. They proved a lot to me last night.

But Jan 2nd is going to be the biggest test I've seen us have since we let Jersey come back in the 94 playoffs. The pressure, the need to win, the battle level, will be at all time highs at the winter classic. In my opinion, if we can play them in their turf as hard as we have the two games at home; if we can win that game; if our rookies and youth can handle that all like pros; then I think THAT will be the signal, the time, for us to really, truly believe that we can compete for the cup this year.

I'm falling in love with this team. I can't remember the last time we had this much depth, consistency, and LEADERSHIP.

Happy holidays to everyone, and may you all be safe and find good cheer. Eat some ham, some turkey but leave some room; for Monday night we all will be eating fishsticks :-)
The team is completely buying in to what Tort's is preaching and they're playing as well as they possibly can right now. With all the injuries to key defensemen, I believe we are bound to hit a collective wall because certain guys are playing a lot more minutes than they are used to. I wouldn't get overly excited right now; like Torts said, "They don't hand out playoff spots or home ice on dec.23rd." Beating teams like the Flyer, Pens and Bruins(who we haven't e seen yet and who shellacked the Flyers 6-0 at their place last week) in a grueling best of seven playoff series is a hell of a lot different than beating them in regular season games. To answer your question, we are getting close but we are not nearly ready to handle the above three teams in the playoffs until we get another legit goal scorer with size(Ryan?) and our defense gets completely healthy.

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